Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look at the Big Golf Ball... It's Called Spaceship Earth

My biggest pet peeve is when people entering EPCOT through its main gates refer to its icon as "The Big Golf Ball." If you want to really sound intelligent, then refer to it by its name, Spaceship Earth. It's something science fiction writer Ray Bradbury wrote about, how we are all flying through space on our spaceship, Earth. Its amazing to stand underneath it and to see how its just a bunch of triangles. *Interesting fact: There are 11,324 triangles that make up Spaceship Earth, and the special material they are made of is self cleaning. So when it rains, Spaceship Earth is being cleaned. 

Inside this monstrous architectural marvel, is a decent ride that takes you through the history and future of communication on our planet. Its lines are usually long in the beginning of the day because it is the first ride people see as they walk in,  just keep moving. By the later part of the day (just make sure you won't miss Epcot's Illuminations) you should be able to walk on, or at least have a shorter wait. 

It has recently been renovated and features a captivating narration by Dame Judi Dench. They also have added a cool interactive aspect to the ride, making it harder to fall asleep during it, unless you really don't want to be amazed. It also lacks the heavy musty stench, and now just has a few areas were you get an essense of its age. Afterwards you are let out and have to walk through a room full of different technologically advanced and experimental games and activities.

If anything its worth going on to get away from the heat, relax, and be able to tell people you had been inside Spaceship Earth, and when they look confused, you can say "The Big Golf Ball."


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